New Franchisee joins our team from the Central Coast

Grasshopper Soccer HQ would like to welcome our latest franchisee to join the team from the Central Coast NSW

Welcome our latest Franchisee to join the team!

Meet Dylan Cunningham from the Central Coast of NSW who has just finished training at Grasshopper Soccer HQ.

Dylan has two young children and for the past 12 months they have been taking part in one of the many Newcastle locations in NSW. The kids have loved every minute of the fun and Dylan saw how they have developed not only with skills, but with interaction with other children and confidence. Since seeing that Dylan decided he had to join our team.

Dylan has a real passion for the game and has been playing soccer since he was 5.

Dylan will be commencing programs for Term 2 with locations to be announced shortly.

Listen to Dylan below about his experience so far.

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