Fulfilling work rewards you with more than just a great income.

Commute, boss, and suit not included…

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Grasshopper Soccer is an award-winning kids’ soccer franchise

Our franchisees have the opportunity to earn a great income through a rewarding business, while receiving extensive training and support at every step. Franchisees across Australia, South Africa, UK, NZ & Mexico are making a difference by bringing the joy of sports to children and their communities.

"After my first term of operating I had 99 children in my programs! I decided the opportunity was too good to pass up so I purchased a second territory. After 3 months I was able to quit my 9-5 job for the ideal lifestyle of fun and fitness!"
Daniel Polesso
Grasshopper Soccer Southern Adelaide
"Before coming across Grasshopper Soccer I owned another business, not spending a great deal of time with my family and seeking something different where I could be the boss and work my own hours plus have the flexibility to spend more time with my family. That is exactly what Grasshopper Soccer presented me. I now run this business with my wife and kids who help coach and I get to spend more time with my family and do something we really enjoy. It’s a great family business!"
Grant Ekstrom
Grasshopper Soccer Sydney North
"As a mother of 2 young children I realized the importance of getting them active. I heard about the Grasshopper Soccer concept which I loved and liked the structured & fun programs. Since starting my business the whole community has been behind me and shown huge support. I found the Grasshopper systems and support in place fantastic to help me run my business successfully."
Nicole Ward
Grasshopper Soccer Mudgee
‘’I joined the team in February 2014. In my first term I turned over $20,000 working one Saturday morning for 3 hours. Since then I have expanded my business opening new locations and growing rapidly. I now turn over $35,000 per 8 week term!’’
Alet Jarmakani
"We started our Grasshopper business Brisbane South in 2013. In the first term we had 77 little Grasshoppers, we now have over 300 in that area! We then purchased a second territory due to relocating to the Gold Coast and in Term 1 of 2017 and had over 180 children in our Gold Coast programs. With over 500 little Grasshoppers across the 2 territories business is booming!"
David & Lesley Hodson
Brisbane South & Gold Coast
"I actually started working at Grasshopper in Perth over 17 years ago as a coach before being offered the opportunity of Operations Manager. I saw first-hand the success of the business model and franchisees and obviously knowing the business inside out already I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of running my own Grasshopper business when the opportunity presented itself in Perth. I have now 4 franchise territories with over 1500 children participating in my programs and looking to grow this even further".

Grasshopper Partnerships

We’re proud to have partnered with the following organizations to help bring the joy and benefits of sports to more kids.


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Grasshopper kids

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Grasshopper Soccer is a proven systemized business

You can become a successful franchisee by following our system – even if you don’t have business or soccer experience. Our 3-step system makes it easy to start, scale, and automate your new business.

Franchisees across Australia, UK, South Africa, NZ & Mexico are making a difference by bringing the joy of sports to children and their communities.

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If you're interested, we've prepared a free training video that covers all the details of the program, so you can see if you think it's the right fit for you. It's available at the bottom of this page. If you feel you might be a fit, you'll be given a free 1-on-1 call with our Grasshopper Soccer founder, where he'll personally help guide you toward what's best for you. No degrees, coaching/business experience, or soccer skills are required! You need only bring your enthusiasm to make a positive difference in children's lives, and in the lives of your family.


Once you qualify to become a franchisee, you’ll have access to our comprehensive training library, exclusive community, and unlimited support. You’ll be able to dive in immediately, and start learning the ins and outs of running your franchise. You’ll have a 1-on-1 call with our founder and HQ Team, to welcome you to our family and answer any questions you have. He'll help you pick your programs and get started. We’ll even setup a website for your new business, complete with a CRM, email system, and more to make all of your administration tasks a snap.


You'll be supported in mastering your new craft. You'll belong to monthly group webinars with our team so you're always up to date with the latest tools available to you. The Grasshopper franchise network group will be available to you online so you can grow with your peers. Live Q&A chats and 1-on-1 strategy sessions with our Head office team will help you overcome any obstacles you encounter, ensuring your business succeeds. We'll look after you every step of the way.

Leading with the objective of training and
inspiring children into following a healthy
lifestyle along with building their character
and personality, Grasshoppersoccer has
been working towards developing skills in a
non-competitive way.

Grasshoppersoccer offers various programs for children aged 2-12 years. These
programs are designed to suit the holidays as well as the school term keeping
different needs of the children in consideration. To make sure that the children
stay interested in the games, Grasshoppersoccer has been continually working on
keeping the programs dynamic since its foundation in 1990.
We value the need for nurturing the skills related to social interaction as much as
the game itself with the aim to contribute towards mental wellness of the society
at large.
If you want to be a part of Grasshopper Soccer Franchise Family, contact us
through the Get Started form. Check out About Page for more information on
Grasshopper Soccer mission.


inspiring children

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Have what it takes to change a child’s life with the gift of sport? While making a great living & having fun at every step along the way?

Access your free introductory business training. We’ll give you a video breaking down every part of the business in detail, including what you can expect to earn in your first year, second year, and further years as a franchisee.

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