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Why Sports People Are Seeking Franchise Opportunities

The popularity of franchises within the fitness industry has ballooned over the last few years. This raises the question: Why?

Best Kids Soccer Franchise - Kids Soccer Franchise Opportunities - Grasshopper Soccer

What is the Best Kids Soccer Franchise?

What is it about buying into a franchise that is more desirable than starting your own business, or, gaining employment within an established business? Why they get extra franchise opportunities?

According to the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) we are now the most franchised nation in the world. Franchising is not an industry as such – it is a method used by businesses for the marketing and distribution of products or services, where both the franchisor and the franchisee have a vested interest in the success of the brand.

In particular, we have seen huge growth in the area of gym franchises – personal trainers without the capital needed to purchase and set up a gym of their own take on a gym franchise instead. Although this may seem like the ideal answer to a difficult situation, gym franchises often have a high initial start-up fee and you are then tied to that gym! Coping with staff issues, general maintenance/upkeep, cleaning, and providing a safe environment to train in, along with finding and maintaining clients, can end up taking up all of your valuable time – time you should be spending with your clients.

Best Kids Soccer Franchise Opportunities

The beauty of a Grasshopper Soccer franchise is that it is run from parks, schools and ovals. You are the sole employee and have autonomy on deciding how much, or how little, you want to work. Our franchise will introduce you to a steady stream of children, providing a stable and rewarding work life. We have devised a business model that:

  • Matches your financial resources
  • Provides you with the lifestyle you imagined
  • Uses your particular skills and experience
  • Provides a recession-resistant product/ service
  • Has a majority of happy and successful franchisees
  • Employs an experienced and enthusiastic staff of personnel who will help you achieve your dreams of business ownership success

Although franchising is one of the safest ways to run your own business, there are some factors that have been identified as disadvantages. Franchisees often complain about a lack of independence and flexibility. Every aspect of how to run your franchise is often outlined in your franchise manual, right down to who to use as suppliers. Sticking to the manual allows little freedom to do your own thing. Though you may initially welcome the support you receive from head office, after time you may come to resent the ‘interference’ and view it as a hindrance. You may want to take charge and do your own troubleshooting.

None of this is applicable to a Grasshopper Soccer franchise. Our business model comes with the simple directive of teaching children soccer skills in a non-competitive manner. We have helpful and considerate support networks available for each of our franchisees.

In order to help our franchisees hit the ground running, we provide a four-day franchise training program. This program is designed to make sure you are fully prepared before you dive into your business, offering both theoretical and practical training.

Our franchisees are given the confidence and skills to run their own very successful Grasshopper Soccer Franchise Australia right away, with ongoing support provided by head office.

If you’re a personal trainer, ditch the dirty gym, and get outside with a great bunch of kids!

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