United Kingdom Launch Date Revealed!

Grasshopper Soccer Kids Sports Franchise UK Launch Confirmed

Kids Soccer Franchise United Kingdom Launch

United Kingdom Programs & Franchise Launch 2021

Australia’s #1 Child Development Soccer Program, announces the launch of our programs and franchise into the United Kingdom in May 2021!

Our Master Franchisee partner Julian Purser, has had long links with Grasshopper Soccer. Julian was a franchisee owner in WA and part of the Grasshopper Soccer HQ advisory board.

Julian was a former professional golfer, who held a professional Asian tour card, worked in the mining industry for the past 10 years as a Mining Site Manager. However, the long hours, time spent away from family and friends and the urge and belief in Grasshopper Soccer Julian decided to leave Australia and move to the UK.

Julian left Australia in December and has been busy working away. With lockdown ending in the United Kingdom, we are thrilled to shortly announce our first locations and our very first UK Grasshopper Soccer Franchisee! Julian is excited to be able to keep everyone updated with the progress.

“The response for the Grasshopper Soccer Programs from parents, schools and venues has been bigger than I could have ever imagined”

Julian recently said “The response for our programs from parents, schools and venues has been bigger than I could have ever imagined. I am looking forward to bringing the joy of Grasshopper Soccer to the UK and helping children develop their skills, build confidence, have fun and get off the couch”

This is amazing news for our company, and we are super excited that we can launch in the birthplace of modern soccer. The launch into the UK will further strengthen our brand.

Further News Coming

Further news and locations to be announced over the coming weeks so stay tuned, however we can confirm a new franchisee has signed on already and locations are already locked in!

To find your nearest United Kingdom location please go to the UK website

Please welcome Julian to the team.

Kids Soccer Franchise United Kingdom Launch

Grasshopper Soccer Kids Sports Franchise Launches into the United Kingdom

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