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Unleashing the Fun: Kids Soccer Penrith with Grasshopper Soccer

Kids Soccer Penrith. Discover the newest addition to the Grasshopper Soccer Franchise Family! Dori Rizk brings his expertise to provide kids with a fun and engaging soccer experience. Join now for exciting kids soccer in Penrith!

Meet Dori Rizk from Grasshopper Soccer Hills West

Sydney, NSW Welcoming New Franchisee Dori Rizk from Grasshopper Soccer Hills West

Kids Soccer Penrith – Meet our latest franchisee to join the team!

Kids Soccer Penrith

Kids Soccer Penrith – Meet Dori Rizk

Dori Rizk, a longtime resident of the Penrith area, has dedicated his life to the sport of soccer. From playing as a child to coaching youth teams, Dori’s love for the game shines through in everything he does.

Currently coaching a U12 team for a local club, Dori is thrilled with the progress his players have made this season. One of the things that Dori loves most about being a coach is watching his players grow and develop both on and off the field. Seeing them have fun while playing the sport he holds dear warms his heart and fuels her passion for coaching.

Having completed his training with Grasshopper Soccer in Perth, Dori is excited to bring their programs to the Penrith area. In addition to his work with Grasshopper Soccer, Dori also runs his own real estate company, Re/Max Noble, in Western Sydney.

Balancing his career with his love for soccer, Dori is looking forward to sharing both passions with his growing family. With a baby on the way, Dori can’t wait to introduce them to the world of soccer and all that Grasshopper Soccer has to offer. Dori Rizk is not just a soccer coach; he is a dedicated member of the Penrith community who is committed to helping kids of all abilities enjoy the beautiful game. His enthusiasm for soccer is contagious, and he looks forward to making a positive impact on young players in his hometown.

Grasshopper Soccer Hills West

Grasshopper Soccer Hills West offers a unique and exciting program for kids aged 2-12 years old. Through age-appropriate activities and games, children will have the opportunity to improve their coordination, teamwork, and confidence while having a blast on the field.

Dori’s coaching sessions will take place at various locations in the Penrith and surrounding regions, ensuring accessibility for families in the area. Whether your child is a beginner or has previous soccer experience, Grasshopper Soccer provides a supportive and nurturing environment for all skill levels.

We invite families in the Penrith region to join us in welcoming Dori Rizk as our new franchisee. With his passion for kids’ soccer in Penrith and commitment to providing top-notch football coaching, we are confident that Grasshopper Soccer Hills West will help the next generation.


Kids Soccer Penrith

For more information about Grasshopper Soccer HillsWest and to enroll your child in our program, please visit our website or email: hillswest@grasshoppersoccer.com.au

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for your child to learn and grow through the game of soccer!

About Grasshopper Soccer

Grasshopper Soccer is an international franchise program that provides children ages two through twelve with a developmentally appropriate soccer and character development experience under the guidance of childhood education specialists, professional soccer players and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. The brand’s curriculum-based program is offered in all states of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.  To join our franchise team, take the online tour www.grasshoppersoccerfranchise.com

To find a Grasshopper Soccer program near you, visit www.grasshoppersoccer.com.au

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