Brisbane Soccer Franchisees Set Big Goals

Meet our newest Grasshopper Soccer franchisees from Brisbane. When will you be next?

Grasshopper Soccer HQ would like to welcome Bryan & Gee Ashby to our team of franchisees!

Bryan and Gee have been in Australia for almost 4 years, having been born and bred on the South Coast of the UK. They are parents to 8 (yes, EIGHT) children, ranging from 23 to 6 years old.

Bryan is the soccer player, having played up to county level in the UK, as well as club and Sunday league soccer, and is also a qualified Engineer. Gee is the creative and motivational member of the team and attempts to keep Bryan on task…not an easy job.

Having recently purchase not one but two territories in “Brisbane Northside”, and “Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast”, Bryan & Gee have the aim to make soccer more available to kids in the area, and to also boost children’s confidence and happiness levels…. and as Bryan says, “Get them away from their TVs and computers”.

Please welcome them both to the team!

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