Grasshopper Soccer Kent Kicks Off

Grasshopper Soccer Kent Kicks Off

Grasshopper Soccer Franchise

Kids and Childrens Soccer Coaching Commences in Kent UK

Grasshopper Soccer Kicked off with their first classes over the weekend in Tenterden and what an amazing turnout it was!

The day was split over multiple sessions and over 165 children attended and had a ball of a time. Mr Grasshopper was on hand to join in on the fun. Over the coming week we have a further 300+ children ready to take part in the Kent county.

“The Turnout and Response to our Child Development Programs has been overwhelming” – Julian Purser

Grasshopper Soccer UK head of operations Julian Purser said “The turnout and response from the parents and children in the UK has been overwhelming. We are so excited to be now operating due to the COVID restrictions being eased and we can’t wait for the further upcoming expansion which will be announced over the coming months”.

Join our Franchise Team or Get your child involved

If you are wanting to get your child enrolled, please contact our Grasshopper Soccer Kent operations by going to  If you are interested in joining our franchise team, please go to and take the online tour.

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