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Success Unveiled: Sydney’s Kids Soccer Franchise: Meet John & Cris!

Enroll Your Child in Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South! Discover our Non-Competitive Kids Soccer program. Join Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South and give your child the opportunity to learn soccer in a fun and non-competitive environment. Enroll today!

Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South Launches

Sydney, NSW Welcoming New Franchisees Cris and John from Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South

Kids Soccer Sydney South – New Franchisees John and Cris Join the Team!

Kids Soccer in Sydney South – Meet Cristiano Oliveira and John Chalouhi

Kids Soccer Sydney South

Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South Launches


Cris and John are longtime residents of Sydney South and have dedicated their lives to soccer. They’ve teamed up with Grasshopper Soccer and their expert coaching sessions will take place at different locations in Sydney South and in the surrounding areas. 

They’re passionate soccer enthusiasts who have recently started their own franchise after completing their training. They bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the field of running the business and are excited to play. 

Thrilled to combine their love for the game with the joy of mentoring young athletes and eager to nurture the next generation of soccer stars, they are equally amped about the business opportunities the franchise offers, ensuring every session is as fun as it is educational.

Professionally, John works as a banking finance professional. He has an illustrious career within the banking sector, where he honed his expertise in lending and finance. He is also the father to a three-month-old boy and is super excited in the coming years to have his little one be part of the programs. John said “What I love about the Grasshopper Soccer programs is the child development aspect where kids build confidence and learn skills at such a young age. It really gives them a building block to whatever they do later in life.”

Cris grew up in Arncliffe and Sans Souci which is very near to their first locations. He is a lifelong soccer fan and has played for the Rockdale Raiders in his younger days and currently plays at Scott’s FC. Cris too works in the banking sector and is a specialist finance broker. He has a 16-month-old son who he can’t wait to get to part of the programs. Cris said “My partner and I can’t wait to see our son take his first kicks at our programs. It is going to be amazing to see his massive smile as he kicks his first goal!”

Kids Soccer Sydney South

Grasshopper Soccer offers a different and non-competitive environment for kids to learn how to play soccer, as well as to have them socialize with each other, make new relationships, learn teamwork, and coordination, and gain some solid confidence all the while having a blast on the field!

That’s why we invite families in the Sydney South area to join us in welcoming Cris and John as our latest franchisees! They’ve got a burning passion for kids’ soccer in this part of Sydney, and combined with their goal to provide kids with quality football coaching, we’re confident that Grasshopper Soccer will greatly help in teaching the next generation of soccer players.

Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South – A New Way For Kids to Learn Soccer! 

If you want to get more information about Grasshopper Soccer Sydney South and want to enroll your child in our program, then please visit our website or email us at: sydneysouth@grasshoppersoccer.com.au Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for your child to learn and grow through soccer!

About Grasshopper Soccer

Grasshopper Soccer is an international franchise program that gives children between ages 2 and 12 a developmentally appropriate soccer and character-uplifting experience under the guidance of childhood education specialists, professional soccer players, and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. 

The brand’s curriculum-based program is offered in all states of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. If you too want to be like Cris and John and want to take part in the rewarding business of owning a Grasshopper Soccer franchise, then you can join our franchise team by taking the online tour at www.grasshoppersoccerfranchise.com


To find a Grasshopper Soccer program near you, visit www.grasshoppersoccer.com.au


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