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#1 NZ Olympic Soccer Champion – Sensational Story!

With the Olympic's kicking off this week, meet NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee Annalie Longo who taught thousands of kids our soccer programs across the Cantebury region of NZ

NZ Olympic Soccer Champion

NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee – Sensational Story

NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee

NZ Olympic Champion Player Annalie Longo with Grasshopper Soccer Franchisor

Tokyo, Japan– As the Olympics kick off this week Grasshopper Soccer Franchise takes time to reminisce of one of our famous past franchisees, Annalie Longo from Christchurch, New Zealand who will be taking part and representing New Zealand in soccer.

Annalie is a NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee who has taught thousands of children the Grasshopper Soccer way.

In 2013 Annalie and her partner Nikki joined the Grasshopper Soccer Franchise team in Christchurch, NZ. The program was an instant hit with thousands of children in the Cantebury region taking part of the program.

Grasshopper Soccer Franchisor  said “Annalie’s passion for the game and love of kids really drove her business throughout the Cantebury region of NZ. It was amazing to have the Silver Ferns Star player and captain teaching children at grassroots level”.

“When Annalie joined she was still in her early 20’s and her career was just taking off. It has been amazing to watch her win W-Leauge championships and continue her amazing play representing New Zealand. Having her as part of our team was amazing and we wish her all the best for this year’s Olympics campaign with NZ”.

Now it is amazing to think that a NZ Olympic Champion Taught Grasshopper Soccer. The kids at the programs did not even realise the amazing teacher they had in Annalie being such a champion of the game.

NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee – Teach Grasshopper Soccer 

When Annalie joined the team, we asked her why she wanted to be part of the Grasshopper Soccer Franchise team and she said “I love the game and I want to give back to the kids in the community. Being able to wake up everyday and do something I love is amazing”.

“Our passion for Creating Life Changing Experiences Through Sport”

“Annalie and Nikki shared our passion for creating positive experiences through sports with the goal to make a lasting impact on children’s lives,” said Franchisor of Grasshopper Soccer.

“They are committed to helping the next generation of children gain the skills they need to be successful in soccer and in forming positive relationships on any field or arena.”

For more information about Grasshopper Soccer Franchise opportunities around the globe, please visit

Grasshopper Soccer Franchisee Annalie Longo

NZ Olympic Soccer Champion Franchisee Annalie Longo

www.grasshoppersoccer.com.au and take the online tour.

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