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Soccer Franchise Success – Amazing Story 5 Years After Quitting FIFO Life

Congratulations to David Brook from Grasshopper Soccer Bunbury who has just celebrated being part of our franchise team for 5 years!

Grasshopper Soccer Franchise Success Story Dave Brooks

Soccer Franchise Success

Soccer Franchise Success Grasshopper Soccer

Meet Dave Brook from Grasshopper Soccer Bunbury

Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia. – Grasshopper Soccer, the engaging children’s soccer program best known for its focus on child development using soccer as a tool, announced today David Brooks from Grasshopper Soccer Bunbury has been part of the franchise team for 5 years now.

Commencing in 2016, Dave has transformed the lives of thousands of children across the Southwest community of Bunbury, Western Australia. With his passion for child development and the love of coaching, Dave has done an amazing job bringing massive smiles, huge confidence, and skill improvements across everyone who has attended his programs.

Dave said “Leaving the mining industry and deciding to join the Grasshopper Soccer Franchise Team back in 2016 was something I will never forget.

Of course. I was a little nervous at the time, as it was a huge change owning my own business compared to working in FIFO, however the response from everyone in our community has made this journey life changing for not only myself but my wife and kids. The added benefit of being able to see them every day, kiss my kid’s goodnight to sleep, and spend quality time with my wife is a decision I will never regret.

I cannot believe 5 years has flown past and I can’t thank the Grasshopper Soccer network enough for all of their support through this journey. I can’t wait for the many more years to come doing something I absolutely love”.

“Our passion for Creating Life Changing Experiences Through Sport”

“Dave shares our passion for creating positive experiences through sports with the goal to make a lasting impact on children’s lives,” said Blake, Franchisor of Grasshopper Soccer. “He is committed to helping the next generation of children gain the skills they need to be successful in soccer and in forming positive relationships on any field or arena. Dave has provided a fun, growth experience for the boys and girls in the Southwest Region of Bunbury, Western Australi for over 5 years now. He is a valued member of the Grasshopper Soccer Team and of the community he serves, and we hope he is around for many years to come”.

For more information about Grasshopper Soccer Bunbury, please visit Kids Soccer Program or email Mail us.

July 2021

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Meet Dave Brooks From Grasshopper Soccer Bunbury

Grasshopper Soccer is an international franchise program that provides children ages two through twelve with a developmentally appropriate soccer and character development experience under the guidance of childhood education specialists, professional soccer players and experienced and licensed soccer coaches. The brand’s curriculum-based program is offered in all states of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. To find a Grasshopper Soccer program near you, visit Kids Soccer Classes Australia



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