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Why Grasshopper Soccer?

One of the best things about sharing Grasshopper Soccer with children is seeing how it brings a group of kids together and builds a team. To play soccer, the kids need to learn how to communicate with one another respectfully and responsively as they have to work together…

Why Grasshopper Soccer? - Grasshopper Soccer Franchise

Why Grasshopper Soccer? Why it’s important for your kids?

They have to learn to share; they have to come together to meet a common goal (get the ball in the net!) and help each other achieve the best in its pursuit. All of these things encourage childhood development and allow kids to make friends across cultural boundaries and neighborhood fences. For particularly shy children who were aren’t doing so well at school socially, a Grasshopper soccer team provides an instant set of friends and a way to experiment with interaction in a safe, healthy and non-competitive environment.

It is fun!

Living more healthily and learning to make friends are good goals to have for anybody entering a sport, but the key to Grasshopper Soccer is that it is fun.  It offers a sense of self-esteem and we see their well-being develop as they see their accomplishments grow. Soccer involves both mental challenge and physical movement in a way that a videogame could never offer. Instead of sitting inside learning about enjoyment through violent games, expensive toys or isolating television, Grasshopper Soccer allows kids to be outside developing healthy bodies, minds and self-esteem.

Recently we have seen incredible technological advances designed so that we could work less and enjoy more. Unfortunately the reverse seems to have happened. The more technologically based we have become the more sedentary, unhealthy and distant from one another we have grown. And this is the model our kids are thinking is normal.  Playing Grasshopper Soccer and becoming part of the Grasshopper Soccer team may be one of the best antidotes for the 21st century!

Children like to play sports, not learn them, and soccer is certainly simple enough. You simply tell youngsters to chase a ball and kick it without using their hands. If it goes into the net, so much the better!

There are no fancy plays to remember, our kids quickly figure it out by just playing the game.

In addition, children like to participate in activities where they can succeed. There is a place for all youngsters in a Grasshopper Soccer game, at every level and any position. For these reasons, our program is indeed a winning game for children. Playing soccer stimulates cardiovascular fitness and develops agility better than any other sport.

Soccer is truly a sport that teaches children the value of teamwork by requiring players to always work together. Whether advancing the ball or playing defense, soccer players must always play as a team to be successful.

Probably why grasshopper soccer of the most important aspect of soccer is its positive influence on a growing child’s self-esteem. Soccer will improve self-confidence in a clumsy six-year-old boy who is having trouble writing his name or cutting with scissors. An eleven-year-old girl, feeling inadequate because she’s the smallest in her class can start at playing soccer since ability in this sport is not dependent on size.

Grasshopper Soccer is the fun, non-competitive way to bring kids together and teach them valuable life skills.

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